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Calling them the “Hindu-Arabic” number system could be acceptable, but the preferred term should be “Indian numerals.”
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. Commissioner of Obock Territory (1883... Roman numerals are a numeral system originating in ancient Rome, adapted from Etruscan numerals. . The Islamic calendar or Muslim calendar (Arabic: الØ.

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With Arabic Equivalents. When searching for Roman numerals, upper case letters should be used if your search utility is case sensitive (the case has no effect on the value of the Roman numerals themselves)

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East Asian numerals. How are roman numerals the same as Arabic numerals?

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Roman numerals are used mainly as an alternative to the Hindu-Arabic numerals in outlines and other instances in which two distinct sets of numerals are useful, for clock faces, for ceremonial and monumental purposes, and.

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Arabic, was launched. German programmes commenced shortly before the start of the Second World War and by the end of 1942 broadcasts were being made in all major European languages. Arabic redirects here.

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The Eastern Arabic numerals (also called Eastern Arabic numerals, Arabic-Indic numerals.

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East Asian numerals. The month is written in Roman numerals while the day is in Hindu-Arabic numerals: 14. VI.

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Panorama of the seaside from the kasbah Agadir (Arabic: أكادير, Berber (Amazigh): ) is a city in southwest Morocco, capital of the Souss-Massa-Dra region.

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Year 1939 (MCMXXXIX) was a common year starting on Sunday (link will display the full calendar) of the Gregorian calendar.